Escape From Evil – background information

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Rob Henderson

It’s My Way or the Highway

. . . the story of Robert Henderson

Robert (Rob) Henderson is an American and Larissa’s boyfriend. He has the lithe, dark-skinned look of a North American native.  He never looked into his heritage but there may well have been some first nation’s blood in his Indian in his background. He was tall and very good looking.

Black hair and brown penetrating eyes that looked black completed the overall appearance – that of an intense almost intimidating man, very comfortable in his own skin but also alert and observant, ready to make sudden moves in any direction if required.

Rob was born an alpha male, a fact that became evident to everyone, including him by the time he was 15. He was driven, clever and ambitious.  His self-confidence appeared to those who didn’t know him as braggadocio but people who got to know him soon realized that it was simply acceptance of his considerable capabilities and high level of intelligence.

Rob had an average education and soon found his way into the protection and detective business.  He worked several years for Pinkerton’s, the company credited with the origin of the term, Private Eye because of its iconic logo—a large, unblinking eye accompanied by the slogan “We Never Sleep”.

Having obtained a good basic knowledge of the business, he set out to start his own company.  Because of his accumulated knowledge and the fact that many of the clients he served were intent on going with him, the business future for his new company was bright.  He quickly found someone to help with the company – his old friend Heath Barton. And International Investigations and Protection Services or IIPS was born.

The two friends found that their friendship helped their business relationship and before long there were several companies with the Henderson and Barton name attached to them.  Their combined holdings were considerable and riding herd on what was rapidly becoming a small empire left very little time for affairs of the heart.

For Rob, Larissa changed all that.  Rob had never fallen so completely for anyone and he had to admit, a little grudgingly that this lady had ways of getting around his sometimes brusque outer shell and finding the affectionate and real Rob within.

Predictably they got to know each other in the biblical sense and both discovered new ways of enjoying their intimacy on a regular basis.


Heath Barton

Investigation and Protection Personified

  . . . the story of Heath Barton

“The best in the business.”  That was the term most commonly applied to Heath Barton, partner in IIPS (International Investigation and Protection Services.

A longtime friend of Rob’s, Heath wasted no time confirming his willingness to become a partner in the new firm.  He reasoned, correctly, that the abiding friendship and empathy they shared would do nothing but help the partnership and make for a productive business as well as personal relationship

Heath stood about six feet had a masculine square jawed face with high cheek bones and dark green eyes. He had jet black hair, full lips that Alli eventually found very kissable and a five o’clock shadow that the kids call a fade.

At 48, Heath was intense like his partner Rob, and if anything, even more intimidating.  He was somewhat jaded in his attitude toward women because of a previously failed marriage to Bridget Robichad, who although pretty on the outside, possessed a heart of pure granite.

Their connubial bliss had lasted a couple of months, the marriage about a year, and in retrospect, Heath felt it was at least a year too long.  Bridget managed to strip heath of his self-respect along with most of his assets. She slept around, a fact which she gleefully threw in his face.  When the final split came Heath was embarrassed, bitter and more than a little depressed.

It was little wonder that when he first met Alli, he was not only blunt but, in her eyes at least, downright rude.  Their first meeting was like flint meeting steel, but Alli soon mellowed, charmed by his rugged good looks and masculine protective manner.

Heath, like Rob was a truly pragmatic individual.  Facts were facts and it was that simple.  At one point he even told Alli, “Do you want me to be patient and nice or do you want me to protect you, Allison?   If you want patient and nice find someone else. If you want protection, I’m your man and the best there is. My next comment to you is, you had better do as I say. Now Allison, which would you like?”

Her answer was a predictable agreement to follow instructions and the foundation of the relationship had begun the building phase.

Heath’s relationship with Allison turned the specter of Bridget Robichad into a dim, unpleasant memory.