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April 17,2017—–Newsletter

Isn’t the Internet amazing?  Saturday morning along with a million or so other people, I watched April, the Giraffe give birth.  And when April finally dropped the baby there were well over a million people tuned in on line.

So many of the things we have, we take for granted.   I can still remember not having a TV at all, then having one that looked like a washing machine (it was black and white of course).

Here’s a great site.

Some of these will surprise you – others will make you say, so what?  Interesting all the same though.

Typing, Keyboarding or whatever

The word processor that I am using to put together this newsletter is, in itself, a wonderful invention.  When I first started working in a newsroom a typewriter was the weapon of choice.  If you had told me then that I would someday be able to move blocks of copy, do global searches, change paragraph spacing, automatically correct words, and the zillion other things that a word [processor does, I would have laughed and said, “yeah that would be great wouldn’t it?”  Or something equally brilliant.  Just think of the hours that have been saved by secretaries and writers by not having to use white-out, or redo hours of typing because of a few mistakes.  And yet, it’s seldom you hear anyone talk about how terrific Microsoft Word is.  Typing, Keyboarding or whatever is, more than ever, one of the most important skills a person can have.


This has been one of the most important weekends on the Christian Calendar.  But kids always have their own ways of putting things in perspective.  Here’s an excerpt from the Kimmel show.

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