Newsletter  April 5, 2017

April’s Baby on the way

How many of you have been keeping up with April the giraffe’s progress while she’s in labour?  My wife, her daughter and friend have become obsessed with watching her.  They are checking Facebook for updates and have signed up to be notified of any changes in case they aren’t home.  Like being at the hospital to visit their husband and stepfather (yours truly) while he’s getting a new hip.  You know it’s obsessive when they get up to pee in the middle of the night and have to check on April before getting back to bed.

Want to watch?

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Be strong to the Finish . . .

Read this Popular Mechanics article

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Quintessential Internet Humour

In 1998, Peter Bowditch came up with an ingenious concept – The Quintessence of the Loon. It could be found here
Unfortunately, Peter got busy with too many other things and had to stop updating it in February 2004. The concept was simple. Find and list the weirdest stuff on the internet. Thankfully he did not remove the site when he stopped keeping it current so his hilarious legacy lives on. Sadly most of the listed sites are now defunct but peter’s descriptions of them give you an idea of how weird people can be.
Here are a couple of examples in Peter’s own descriptive words: & The Hollow Earth   added 16 March 2002

Have you ever thought about the real reason that underground nuclear testing was discontinued? It was obviously wrong and dangerous to test in the atmosphere, but who cared if some rock got melted a couple of kilometres under the Nevada desert or under some Pacific atoll? Well, the governments cared, and it was because they knew something that we didn’t. They knew about the people inside, and they knew that if we kept on letting off bombs down there, the insiders would revolt and then we would all know that the governments knew about the insiders. To protect this conspiracy, testing had to stop. On another matter, I really want one of those Vril Generator machines. The Vgra isn’t working as well as it used to and I could use some generated vrility.
Crystallized In Tranquility  added 9 March 2002
You know those books you see with the stickers that say “This book will change your life”? Well, this web site needs one of those stickers. As Shari says on one of her archive pages “These Are Deep Philosophical Truths. Many People In Ordinary Reality Cannot Understand These Truths Yet. Remember That You Are Reading Words From A Chemist/Physicist/Philosopher/Futurist/Programmer To Whom The Cosmic Computer Is Child’s Play”. I’m lucky because the research I do to collect the stuff for my site means that I spend a lot of time outside ordinary reality, but the rest of you will just have to catch up. Take two of Shari’s essays and call me in the morning.

And then there are people who claim to live on air alone . . .
Check out Quintessence of the Loon – it’s truly amazing

Foods to make you SICK
Everybody else talks about healthy foods. Well in the spirit of innovation and as a public service to D T Mann followers, Here are foods that can make you sick
PS I’m not crazy about Kale either!

A Handy Site
In the these days of Global communications, here’s a web site that can tell you instantly what time it is where your facebook friends are.

Joke of the week:
Patient: “I have a ringing in my ears. ” Doctor: “Don’t answer!”

What’s in Your Library
E-Readers, eBooks, files on computers- that’s the shape of reading in 2016. E-reading has gone from using files on CD’s read on computers to using storage tablets containing thousands of books
E-readers have become start of the art, pocket and purse sized, many of them backlit and connecting to the internet by wireless so you can download a bewildering array of books.
The reason for the technological advancement in something as old as reading is the rapid improvement in word-processing, publishing and pre-press. Books are written rapidly, self-published and on the market in e-form, sometimes in a matter of days.
Reading habits have also changed dramatically. You can read on the bus, on the beach, in the doctor’s office and a whole variety of other places without anyone knowing what you’re reading. You can go back and forth from your computer to your e-reader easily and you can read books that don’t have to have the covers hidden.
All the hidden erotic poetry from ancient Greece and erotic stories down through the ages are finding their way back into public reading preferences. With this resurgence of popularity of eroticism in both classical and popular forms has come a whole new breed of writers, crafting and self-publishing such stories.
One of the biggest influences on the whole genre was “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James, the first book of a trilogy, released in 2012 and finding its way onto the big screen very quickly. Despite this overwhelming evidence of success, publishers and in some cases, author’s themselves don’t seem to want to acknowledge this literary revolution. Fan fiction, an offshoot of mainstream literature is almost exclusively erotic, using characters and sometime plots developed by others and taking the sexual content to extreme levels.
Even Harlequin Romances, once very “proper” have taken sexiness to a new level. One publisher said, “If it ain’t explicit, don’t submit it. We don’t want euphemisms – tell it like it is!”
There are thousands of so-called publishers available on the internet offering everything from full service to simple distribution. It’s a case of buyer beware because Vanity Presses as they are often known, can cost you a great deal of money.
The web-site Predators and Editors, ( long a watchdog site for scams targeting writers, is now looking for a new caretaker as their listings have become out of date and in many cases, completely useless. Publishers come and go very quickly on the Internet.
My wife, who writes under the name D.T. Mann,( has signed contracts with her publisher, Summer Solstice Publishing, for two of her books, “Legend and the Photographer” (book 1 of a trilogy) and “Escape from Evil”, one of a series about the international protection and security business. These contracts were signed recently following a couple of years of submissions, research, and seemingly endless writing of query letters and synopses. “Legend” and “Escape” have both been released and are available in Kindle e-book and paperback formats from Amazon worldwide. See more below….

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Newsletter #3

February came in like a BUG

Well it’s newsletter time – and that means time to BUG everyone.  No, I don’t mean be a pest.  I mean what the heck is with this bug that’s going around?  My wife (D T Mann) has it, her daughter has it, half their friends have it.  Soon it will be an Olympic event. My wife’s 86 year old aunt has it.  My wife said it made her feel lethargic and her aunt said, “me too, just like an old lady.”  She’s 86 and knows it but she sure doesn’t act it.  In fact she acts younger than a lot of 50 year olds we know.

Our apartment sounds like a TB ward in a 1940s movie. Wife has no voice.  Mind you . . .  well. better leave that unsaid.  It’s a vicious cycle.  The kids bring it home from the germ factory and give it to their parents.  They in turn take it to the office.  I have myself locked in my computer room with three surgical masks on and six layers of vaporub on my chest.  When I was a kid, my grandmother used mustard plasters.  Thank God those days are gone.

So cough in your sleeve, don’t hug anyone and NO KISSING (you won’t find that command in any D T Mann book)!  Then it won’t spread anymore.  We’ll just have the most infected sleeves anywhere.  So maybe this is a good time for a pop quiz.  Where has the bug affected you?  My wife has no voice, a very bad sore throat and an earache, others are very tired.  What‘s your story?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Our PM has selective memory

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister practically canonized Fidel Castro at his funeral.  What a great guy he was!  Somehow, I don’t remember him quite that way.  Maybe dictators are like artists.  Their work becomes more valuable after they die.

How about a little trip to Fantasy Land?

You can meet ten people who say they were abducted by aliens right here:

Strange Products

If your shopping every so often takes a turn for the really odd, check these out

Joke of the week (today a tufor)

The Doctor called Mrs. Cohen saying, “Mrs. Cohen, your cheque came back.”

Mrs. Cohen replied, “So did my arthritis!”

—————————— —————————— —————————— —————-

Doctor: “You’ll live to be 60!” Patient: “I AM 60!” Doctor:

“See! What did I tell you?”

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