Another great read from D T Mann

Her Mother’s Daughter

Another thriller from D T Mann.

Nikki Feldman lives with her cruel and sadistic father and brother. No one really knows what goes on behind the closed doors of their repair garage.  They have their suspicions about violence and conflict but nothing has ever been proven.

Things are about to change drastically because they have just beaten Nikki senseless and left her unconscious on the garage floor.  The reason for this particular beating:  She has just told her father that she is going to marry her boyfriend, Jesse and he’s determined that she’ll marry Keith Logan a low-life friend of her brother and himself.

In her semi-conscious state, she hears her deceased mother speaking to her, and from her, Nikki draws the energy and strength to crawl out of the building.

She passes out on the sidewalk where Jimmy, a taxi driver, finds her and is in the process of taking her to the hospital when she wakes up and insists on being taken to Jesse’s.

She arrives at Jesse’s in such bad condition that he calls his twin brother, Jeff, a paramedic like him, and they rush her to the hospital.

Jeff calls their Father, Frank, a detective, to let him know what has happened.  Nikki’s condition is critical and for a while it’s touch and go.

Dr. Langetti, the doctor taking care of Nikki had her moved and hidden in the hospital with private nurses to care for her when Jeff spots her father, brother and Keith in the building looking for her.  He and Jesse realize something has to be done.

Once Nikki is sent home, Jesse and Jeff along with their father Frank, firmly take over her care and protection. Together, they work out a plan which would get the animals, as Jesse put it, “back in their cages.”

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