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  1. Hello,
    My name is shiela. I am a friend of your son David. He just told after months of chatting that you were a Writer as I am a avid reader & bibliophile.
    He sent a list of your books & I had actually read Twice Rescued.
    I quite enjoyed it. This was all be fore I knew David. Then he tells me my mom writes books.

  2. Hi Shiela, Thank you so much for posting your coment I’m thrilled to read you liked my book. I hope you read more and come back and tell me your thoughts. I love writing and love hearing from anyone who’s read my books. I’m sure you noticed that book 2 of the Legend trilogy will be out soon. People who read Legend and the Photographer loved it so I’m sure they’re going to love Legend Continues. Let anyone you know to come see my website and please try my books. Thanks again Shiela Debbie – DT Mann

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