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The further adventures of Steven and Rikki and a whole lot more.  The second book in the legend trilogy

Legend continues.


Available at amazon in paperback or Ebook   Legend continues 


Another winner from D T Man














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  * Note: although “The Marking” is a stand alone book and deals with the case files of the International Investigations and Protection Services, the characters are first introduced in the D T Mann Novel, “Escape from Evil” so in order to understand more about the organization and the people who live it, “Escape” makes a good first read.


 Available at Amazon as an eBook and paperback

and KOBO as an eBook

The Marking is a standalone book in a series of stories taken from the Case Files of International Investigations and Protection Services Inc.  The IIPS office receives a mysterious and anonymous phone call concerning a young girl, unconscious and badly abused lying in an abandoned warehouse.  The agency partners, Rob Henderson and Heath Barton investigate and decide to take the girl back to their premises, so they can find out what happened, before they bring the police into the situation.

When she regains consciousness they discover that she is the foster daughter of a couple who are involved in the occult. They have been torturing her in “preparation” for some sort of ritual.  She also has an unusual tattoo.






Twice Rescued

Available as an eBook and paperback at amazon

Cassidy Ann Roberts – is a typical headstrong 20 year old.  Her parents died in an accident when she was almost 10, leaving her upbringing to her 21 year old brother, Chance.

On his death bed, their father made Chance promise to raise her lovingly as if she were his own child, but to be sure not to spoil her.  Chance now 31 and a U.S. Marshall took that job very seriously and Cassie reacted like any child doing almost anything she could think of to spite him.  One of her reckless actions was to become the steady girlfriend of an abusive ne’er-do-well named Kyle Philips.

When Cassie, bruised and badly beaten finally decides to leave him, Kyle vows to get her back.

Action, romance,suspense – all wrapped up in a great read.




“Legend and the Photographer” by DT Mann. the first romance novel in the trilogy centering on Steven Legend and Rikki Reagan -now available on amazon.com.
Spicy, exciting and romantic, it’s a great read.




Escape from Evil – by DT Mann

An ex-boyfriend with a mean streak, an abused woman on the run and two alpha
males that own a personal protection agency.  It’s a recipe for a sexy mystery story that’s a real page turner.


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